Music Therapy Makes a Difference!!

How can live, interactive music therapy benefit you and your residents?  Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say:

Improved Socialization:

"We love our weekly hour of singing with UpBeat! It brings us together like no other activity."

Independent Living, Portland, OR

"Your music group always gets people talking to one another and interacting – thank you!"

Assisted Living Facility, Vancouver, WA

"After one hour of live, interactive music, our elderly residents are happier, calmer and also more social. They cannot wait until Tuesday when our music therapist comes. Even if they are not in a good mood, they do not want to skip music therapy!"

Dr. Ben S.
Owner, Ankeny Circle Adult Family Home, Portland OR

Improved Mood:

"Music Therapy has been a very uplifting experience for our residents and families. Their laughing, bantering and voices echoing through our home has been priceless. You all do a beautiful job!"

Family & Company NW, LLC, Battle Ground, WA

"When my residents know that is Music Therapy day, they get very excited! When they hear the music, they sing and forget about any pain or can see big smiles on their faces that stay with them for the next couple of days."

Owner, Carmen's Quality AFH, Vancouver, WA

"Our residents light up during Music Therapy. We witness all the benefits from stress relief and brain stimulation to exercise and social interaction. Music Therapy enhances residents’ lives and we wouldn’t operate without it."

Owner, Sequoia Heights Adult Family Home, Vancouver, WA

"Music therapy brings my residents to life. The happiness the singing brings to their day, truly shines through the smiles on their faces and the positive attitude they display to everyone around them."

Activities Director, Homewoods on the Willamette, Milwaukie, OR

"Life in an AFH can get a little static at times for residents. UpBeat Music Therapy brings joy to their souls and smiles to their faces!"

AFH, Portland, OR

"All my clients have mental health conditions (dementia) but everyone looks forward to the music therapy sessions. After the hour our music therapist spends with my clients, they are calmer and more relaxed."

Owner, Quality Care AFH, Vancouver, WA

"Music Therapy turns a difficult day for a resident struggling with dementia to a day that is manageable and enjoyable."

Owner, Sequoia Heights Adult Family Home

Greater Participation in Activities:

"We have seen residents that don’t normally interact smile and engage in the singing and instrument play."

Memory Care, Vancouver, WA

"Music therapy has accomplished getting our residents engaged and staying happy."

ALF, Camas, WA

"Everyone who was able to participate DID participate!"

Skilled Nursing Facility, Vancouver, WA